Names, Part 2


Apologies for the week long delay! I was out of town dealing with family issues, but I’m home now and getting back to work. I’ve got quite a bit more to say about names, so stay tuned!


Names, Part 1


I need to do something about the way I draw eyes. I just don’t know what to do…

Anyway, the next comic series will be about trans people picking our own names! I’ll be sharing some thoughts and ideas, along with input from some trans friends on what it was like for them.

Trans Day of Visibility


Just a quick sketch because I wanted to put something up today, after missing all my scheduled days this week, but I’m really depressed right now and having a hard time being creative.

I don’t feel very visible. I feel invisible. No one can see the real me. And until I get better insurance, it’s going to stay that way.

Transition, Part 6


I don’t know what else to do.

I contacted literally every single therapist I could find in my insurance network that was even remotely within driving distance. None of them help with transgender issues.

I’ve contacted every place I can find that DOES help with transgender issues. None of them take my insurance.

Other than paying out of pocket (which is impossible) I have no way to get the help I need. No counseling. No HRT. Nothing.

I give up.

(Hopefully the next comic will be on a less depressing topic. Sorry.)

Transition, Part 3


That headdesk picture came out like crap.

Also, I really need some more practice with eyes. I hate how I draw eyes.

Transition, Part 2


Today was a stressful day. It took all the mental energy I had to find three therapists that MIGHT be in my insurance network and MIGHT work with transgender people, and send some requests for more information.

When I get some replies, I’ll probably write a comic about it.

Also: Drawing eyes is hard.

Transition, Part 1


I’ll probably come back to the “Dressing Like A Girl” comic thread in a little while. But I’ve got some life stuff going on I want to explore.

Dressing Like A Girl, Part 10


I’m sure there are some positive, normalized depictions of transgender people…SOMEWHERE. But all I’ve ever seen is depictions of us as freaks, oddities, criminals, or victims.

Some depictions aren’t “negative,” per say. The example above from the TV series Don’t Shoot Me involves the main character coming to accept that the transgender woman, who was a childhood friend of his, is still the same person now as she was when they were growing up. But despite that, she’s still depicted as an oddity, and her transgender nature is played for laughs.

Because of the lack of positive transgender role models in the media, I didn’t know that it was normal to be a trans person until I was in my twenties. I always thought of myself as a freak, because that’s how trans girls are depicted on TV. I always hid myself in shame, because the media makes being transgender seem like a shameful thing.

I carry that shame with me whenever I think about going into a women’s restroom. I spend every moment in fear that I’ll be seen as a freak. And yet, people act like I’m the one who’s dangerous…