Names, Part 2


Apologies for the week long delay! I was out of town dealing with family issues, but I’m home now and getting back to work. I’ve got quite a bit more to say about names, so stay tuned!


Names, Part 1


I need to do something about the way I draw eyes. I just don’t know what to do…

Anyway, the next comic series will be about trans people picking our own names! I’ll be sharing some thoughts and ideas, along with input from some trans friends on what it was like for them.

Trans Day of Visibility


Just a quick sketch because I wanted to put something up today, after missing all my scheduled days this week, but I’m really depressed right now and having a hard time being creative.

I don’t feel very visible. I feel invisible. No one can see the real me. And until I get better insurance, it’s going to stay that way.

Dressing Like A Girl, Part 7


There’s a few more pages in this story arc, then it’ll be time for something new.

In the meantime, I’m slowly getting better at making faces and eyes look more consistent. But I’m still horribly dissatisfied wit how the hands come out. And I’m not sure at all about breasts.

Dressing Like A Girl, Part 2


Well, it’s been awhile since I posted anything. Blame depression. Long story.

But as long as I’m back, I might as well keep putting comics up, right? Maybe a couple of people like that.

I’m still playing around with color balance. It’s a trial and error thing. As are hands. Hands are hard to draw, which is why I skipped them on the picture of me in the pink dress.

Also, the person in the purple dress is supposed to be my mom. My real mom isn’t anywhere near that badly drawn.

Dressing Like A Girl, Part 1


I might revisit the “Playing with Dolls” concept again at a later time, but for now, I’m out of ideas on that topic. So now we’ll move on to a very personal and secretive topic. My first experimentation with trying on girl clothes as a kid.

Expect the next few pages to be a little…different.

Diary of a Transgender Painter, Page 7


Ugh. Smol trans girl cannot draw. Pay no attention to the boy in the second panel with his ugly hair and misshapen eyes. Just like I try to pay no attention to my boy self that I wish would disappear.

Artist’s Note: If you’re one of the two or three people already reading the comic (Hi! I appreciate you!), you might notice a change in how the artwork looks today. This is because I was given some very helpful advice on how to adjust image color levels, and how GIF is better than PNG for this kind of work. While I still think my overall art skill is very very meager, these new tweaking tricks seem to help a lot, so I’m glad to have learned them. I’ll be continuing to experiment with them in the future so that, hopefully, I can do a better job (such as not making everything quite so blue next time). I hope you’re pleased with the results. Smol trans girl is learning!

Diary of a Transgender Painter, Page 6


Time for an important note!

I have a master’s degree, and my education included extensive studies in interpersonal communication, gender, social persuasion & influence, and family development. So this isn’t going to just be a rhetorical question. The next few comics will delve extensively into my theories about why society “genders” toys and the big influence this can have on a child’s development.

(Edit 10-24-16: This image was also updated with new color adjustment techniques that I am slowly learning how to do.)

Diary of a Transgender Painter, Page 5


Artist’s Note: Drawing shoes is hard.

(Edit 10-24-16: This image was also updated with new color adjustment techniques that I am slowly learning how to do.)

Diary of a Transgender Painter, Page 4


Artist’s Note: This comic was drawn with colored pencils and very little skill (I’m still learning!). There are some big inconsistencies, particularly in the hair and eyes, because I’m still trying to figure out how hair and eyes work. I’m not even going to try drawing hands or even full bodies for awhile yet. Once I feel like I can draw a face with some kind of consistency, Jenny might get hands.

Artist’s Note 2: I don’t know if it’s noticeable, but the first sketch of Jenny in the first panel was edited in Photoshop. I royally messed up the eyes, tried to erase, then got black smudges all over the place. So in order to not make her look like she had a black eye, I edited out the smudges. Hopefully it’s not too obvious.

(Edit 10-24-16: This image was also updated with new color adjustment techniques that I am slowly learning how to do.)