I Exist


So I’ve had a busy few weeks. For reasons I can’t go into (due to them being very personal reasons that would also potentially “out” me), I’ve been too busy to do…much of anything productive for awhile. I’ve got the next “Names” comic in the series half-drawn and almost ready to go, and I just haven’t had time to post it. And now I’m behind in work for my day job, which I need to get caught up on because that’s what pays the bills.

But I also realized it’s been about three weeks since there was any update on this site, and that’s a webcomic author sin. So, here’s a quick sketch to say, I still exist, and comics are coming! Soon! Ish!


Diary of a Transgender Painter, Page 1


Hi there!

As it says above, my name is Jenny. That isn’t my birth name. It’s the name I chose long ago, in my teenage years, to represent my inner self.

I’m a transgender woman. I’ve identified in this way since I was a teenager, though I didn’t really understand it back then. I only learned the word “transgender” within the last five years or so. Before that, I didn’t even know that there were other people going through the same things I was, or what it was called, or what it meant for me to have an identity that was something other than what you see on the outside. I thought I was just a weird kid who liked to dress up in my sister’s clothes.

So what is this site? Well, you can think of it as a combination webcomic and blog. See, I’ve been wanting to explore art for a long time, but I really really suck at drawing. If I’m ever going to get better, I’m going to need practice. Which is kind of a metaphor for transitioning from male to female–a lot of gender expression is things that we learn and perform, not things that come naturally. It’s also a metaphor for learning to express my long-hidden secrets about my gender identity. So this site, through drawings and words, will explore all of those things.

Expect a lot of crappy drawings that will hopefully improve over time. Along with a lot of long, rambling posts about my life. The format will probably meld over time as I learn how to express myself better (hey, another metaphor!), but for now, I’m planning on simple, hand-drawn pictures with text mixed in. Or sometimes simple comic drawings with some commentary below. We’ll see.

Hopefully this will be a long, fulfilling journey. Just bear with me. I’m still learning.

(Edit 10-24-16: The above image has been re-uploaded after I learned how to do some color adjustments. It’s still a learning process, but hopefully the results look better than the original.)