Diary of a Transgender Painter, Page 7


Ugh. Smol trans girl cannot draw. Pay no attention to the boy in the second panel with his ugly hair and misshapen eyes. Just like I try to pay no attention to my boy self that I wish would disappear.

Artist’s Note: If you’re one of the two or three people already reading the comic (Hi! I appreciate you!), you might notice a change in how the artwork looks today. This is because I was given some very helpful advice on how to adjust image color levels, and how GIF is better than PNG for this kind of work. While I still think my overall art skill is very very meager, these new tweaking tricks seem to help a lot, so I’m glad to have learned them. I’ll be continuing to experiment with them in the future so that, hopefully, I can do a better job (such as not making everything quite so blue next time). I hope you’re pleased with the results. Smol trans girl is learning!


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