Diary of a Transgender Painter, Page 1


Hi there!

As it says above, my name is Jenny. That isn’t my birth name. It’s the name I chose long ago, in my teenage years, to represent my inner self.

I’m a transgender woman. I’ve identified in this way since I was a teenager, though I didn’t really understand it back then. I only learned the word “transgender” within the last five years or so. Before that, I didn’t even know that there were other people going through the same things I was, or what it was called, or what it meant for me to have an identity that was something other than what you see on the outside. I thought I was just a weird kid who liked to dress up in my sister’s clothes.

So what is this site? Well, you can think of it as a combination webcomic and blog. See, I’ve been wanting to explore art for a long time, but I really really suck at drawing. If I’m ever going to get better, I’m going to need practice. Which is kind of a metaphor for transitioning from male to female–a lot of gender expression is things that we learn and perform, not things that come naturally. It’s also a metaphor for learning to express my long-hidden secrets about my gender identity. So this site, through drawings and words, will explore all of those things.

Expect a lot of crappy drawings that will hopefully improve over time. Along with a lot of long, rambling posts about my life. The format will probably meld over time as I learn how to express myself better (hey, another metaphor!), but for now, I’m planning on simple, hand-drawn pictures with text mixed in. Or sometimes simple comic drawings with some commentary below. We’ll see.

Hopefully this will be a long, fulfilling journey. Just bear with me. I’m still learning.

(Edit 10-24-16: The above image has been re-uploaded after I learned how to do some color adjustments. It’s still a learning process, but hopefully the results look better than the original.)


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